Don't Just Survive, Thrive!

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As a Disciple and as a Disciple-making Leader

In this journey, our approach is to be a Guide on the Side who provides Coaching, Consulting, and Culture Change to equip and deploy disciple-making leaders in your context.


 Let's be honest, long-lasting culture change and transformation takes time. 

We will journey together with you in a relationship that balances encouragement and accountability that names What Is, that seeks What Could Be, as we develop plans that help you and your team to live into What Will Be in your ministry context.


Our Mission

The journey of a disciple is about revelation and response.  About hearing and practicing.  About being and doing.  Our approach is to walk alongside you while the Holy Spirit takes the lead.   Our passion is to equip and deploy disciples and disciple-making leaders who produce kingdom fruit that lasts!  

Don't Just Survive, Thrive!

Through Coaching, Consulting, and Culture Change!