Journeying Together toward Change

The Journey

It is not about programs, it is about process. 

It is about relationship.  It is about being a Guide on the Side as opposed to being a Sage on the Stage.

Our focus is on Conversations that point to Content & Coaching that Catalyzes Leaders to live into Change.


We won't sell you a program or offer quick fix solutions to cultural and leadership challenges in your context.  Culture and Leadership challenges involve adaptive change and transformation that takes time. 

What we will do is journey together with you in a relationship that balances encouragement and challenge naming What Is, seeking What Could Be, and developing plans that help you and your team live into What Will Be related to your mission.

Whether you are a not for profit, a for profit enterprise, or a church or denomination - the Together in Mission Network will help you to Catalyze Leaders who are Living into Mission. 


Our Mission

The journey of mission is about revelation and response.  About hearing and practicing.  About being and doing.  Our role is to walk alongside you helping you to THRIVE versus simply SURVIVE.   

In short, our mission is about Catalyzing Leaders, and Living into Mission.   

The longer version goes like this:

Because we imagine the fullness of the kingdom of God to include an abundant diversity of gifts, strengths, capitals, and passions - The Together in Mission Network collaborates and connects catalytic leaders with content, coaching, and communities of change to live into mission in their context.


Together in Mission Network

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