How can we help you lead others? Check out a few of the standard coaching options listed below.  Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page for more information.

Pilot Coaching

This coaching option provides a taste of a few practical tools for transformation and for leading others on their disciple-making journey.   This coaching is provided in eight weekly one-hour video chats in our online conference room.

Duration:  6 / 1-hour Online Sessions

Small Church BIG Mission Coaching

You and up to five other leaders will focus on the three areas for Catalyzing Leaders to Live into Mission in our context: Personal Transformation, Practical Realities, and Purposeful Direction.  This coaching is designed with leaders of smaller churches in mind who are looking to move and shape the culture of their church toward discipleship and mission.

Duration:  24 / 1-hour Online Sessions

Discipleship Coaching

Discipleship Coaching is for leaders in any context who desire to look more like Jesus and to do the things that Jesus does.  It's designed to help you experience personal transformation that will lead to a life worthy of imitation that will engage, invite, and develop disciple-making leaders. You and up to five other leaders will be a part of a weekly one-hour video conference that will look into scripture and help you to hear and respond today to the voice of God.  You will also receive strategic and practical insights from experienced practitioners that will equip you to grow as a disciple and release your leaders to do the same.

Duration: 12 months / weekly 1-hour Online Sessions

Strategic and Other Coaching

Do you have a specific Coaching need?  Let's talk - we would welcome the opportunity to develop a custom coaching plan to meet your specific needs.  A few examples of Strategic Coaching that are currently being provided include:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching for Business Leaders (either in person or online)

  • Coaching for Teams as they live into Transformation and as they Lean into the Equipping of Others for Transformation - Weekly Coaching + Series of Workshops for leaders in their context

Duration:  6 months to multiple years / weekly 1-hour Online Sessions as mutually agreed