How Can we Help?


"You cannot take people to a place you have never been"

Coaching opportunities can run for a brief season or for the long-term.  Brief Coaching includes Pilot Coaching (8 weeks), Coaching for Small churches on a BIG Mission (6 months), Coaching for Empowering Missional Disciples (6 months), to longer term Coaching that ranges from customized Strategic coaching for Teams or to help leaders to experience transformation as they lead their teams forward in mission (one to two years).  To learn more, click the links below.


Workshops are the opportunities to taste and see what collaborating with the Together in Mission Network looks like. We can provide an experience for engagement and learning online, in your location, or you can participate in a space that we will organize with others.  Whether it is for 1 hour or 1.5 days - we will provide an environment for learning that promotes engagement with teaching and training that will set the stage for longer term tactics.  To learn more, click the links below.

Communities for Change

Communities of learning provide a space where Guiding Coalitions for Change from various contexts can journey with others.  This environment provides larger spaces for teaching and smaller spaces for the development of tactical plans that are specific to each team's context.  Communities for Change can run from 1-3 years and offer the opportunity for ongoing network connection for longer-term coaching and development.  To learn more, click the link below.