What's your offering? I noted a worksheet from my 4 year old's school where she's learning letters. O is for offering. It was a kairos for me as I glanced at and then studied the worksheet and the question arose in my heart: what's my offering? What am I bringing to the altar to sacrifice to the Lord? In the journey toward leading a movement of discipleship and mission I find that too often I get caught up in answers and expertise. In other words, I often feel the need to have answers and expertise as questions arise, in the hopes that as I give input, I will also be seen as an expert. I spoke with a friend today who is responsible for employee reviews in her well-known company in Ft. Collins. She was reflecting on one employee in particular who when asked to provide a self-review, gave such a glowing review that there was no room for improvement. Essentially, he said, "I'm outstanding in my field!" Her reflection was that when anyone comes with that approach, there is no room for improvement. While there may be areas to work on, the employee has blind spots and can't improve without being broken down. As leaders, too often we believe that to be respected we need to have no faults, no cracks in the armor, and that if we do, we have to cover them up at all costs. It leads to a keen sense of imposter syndrome - that at any moment you will be found out! Which brings me back to my kairos. We often talk about how in making disciples, followers of Jesus don't need a perfect example - we already have one in Jesus himself - but what disciples need is a living example. A living example that includes both answers and questions, and includes an invitation to explore together. As I pondered the question, "What is my offering?" I am convicted that what I need to put on the altar to God is my shiny veneer. And what I can offer to those who follow me as I follow Jesus is an open door and an invitation to real life on the journey.

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