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Small church on a BIG Mission


Providing a place for leaders in smaller churches to be 

Relationally Engaged & Spiritually Ignited

A Few Brief Teachings + Resources for Leaders

What is a Disciple?

Developing a Leader Pipeline

What is the Small church BIG Mission Network?

The focus of the Network is to provide a place for Smaller church pastoral & lay leaders to be Relationally Engaged and Spiritually Ignited as they put disciple-making tools into practice in their life and missional context.

The Network provides Barnabas-like equipping & encouragement  from Jeff Allen - author of Small church on a BIG Mission: Cultivating Missional Discipleship in Smaller Churches, certified coach with 3DMovements, 3DM Denver Hub leader, and the Executive Leader of the Together in Mission Network based in Littleton, CO.



Any leader who has completed a basic 3DM coaching Huddle or has participated on a team in a 3DM Learning Community is invited to participate in the Small church BIG Mission Network. 



The Network is supported by donations provided to the Together in Mission Network



The Network provides an every other week 1-hour online coaching Huddle + an every 6 months online 3 hour Community of Practice gathering focusing on a selected topic of interest.